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August 8th 2016 FDA Rules change for all Vaping Retailers is now in effect.
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    We will stop shipping on April 19th. We may reopen sometime in the future, but not anytime soon. We've created coupon code ASIS30 for 30% off your entire cart total to help you stock up.
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Coil Head Replacements

Please Visit our Coil Head section in the menu to the left for a better selection and more organized listing of specific coil heads for your item.

Coil Head Replacements are for your clearomizers, instead of throwing away a dead or burnt out unit, simply remove the coil head and replace it.

We have specific coil head for all of our rebuildable clearomizers and a Universal Coil Head for the DV Vivi Nova, DV Mini Vivi Nova, CE4+ Rebuildable, CE5 and others.  Please read the description of each item to determine if the coil head will fit your device.

The Universal will fit: DV Vivi Nova, Thor, Vision 2.0, CE4+ Rebuildable, CE5 (New) and others.
Specific Coil heads:
E1 coil head will fit the E1 and E3
E1-V coil head will ony fit the E1-V 
E2 coil head will only fit the E2
Kanger T2 coil head will only fit the Kanger T2.  

Please Note:
"DV" Heads go with DV Brand Novas
"Vision" Heads go with Vision Novas
"Universals" Heads go with the "DV" Vivi Nova (not Vision)

Only Vision heads will work with Vision Vivi Novas.




  • DV Mini Vivi Nova V9/V10 Drip tip Top