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DV Vivi Nova and Mini/Slim Vivi Nova Coil Heads

The items on this page will fit the DV Vivi Nova,  the DV Mini/Slim Vivi Nova and the V9/V10 Nova
NEW: Save on a 5 pack, get 5 for the price of 4 this is our way of lowering the price on coil heads :)

Please Note however, the V9 and V10 are different from the standard Mini Nova and require different heads (see below) The V9 and V10 have extended coil heads so you can remove the coil without removing the bottom of the Mini Vivi Nova.  The heads are NOT interchangable.

Standard, Mini and Slim Vivi Nova's take "DV Vivi Nova and Mini/Slim Vivi Nova Coil Head"

Mini Vivi Nova V9 and V10 take "DV Mini Vivi Nova V9/V10 Coil Head Replacement"

  • 5 Pack
    $9.95 $5.99
  • DV Mini Vivi Nova V9/V10 Drip tip Top