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Efest IMR 18500 1000mAh Battery - 15 Amp - Flat Top

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Product Description

Efest IMR 18500 LiMn 1000mAh Battery - Flat Top - 15 Amp - Purple 

For use with any mod that takes a flat top 18500 battery.

Safe chemistry LiMN 3.7V rechargeable battery is now available in 18500 size. Can be charge with any LiIon battery charger with 4.2V output.

  PLEASE HEED WARNING:  I am not a battery expert and can only post what Efest tells us about their batteries. I have no way of testing the AMP Limits and other claims battery companies make. I assume if you are looking at this battery you want something for a high amp draw, (perhaps with subohm use) I do not suggest you buy any battery from us unless you know how to test them for your saftey. I am straight out telling you I cannot verify any of the infomation on this page! Take that seriously. I am extremely paranoid about batteries.

Continuous Max. Discharging Current: 15A
Charge Current 2.15A 
Cycle life: 300 times

Battery WH 125WH\Kg
discharge cut-off voltage 3.0V

Voltage: 3.7V Full Charge voltage 4.2V

Temperature: dishcarge temperature range:-10°C—60°C
shcarge temperature range: 0°C—40°C
storage: 1 year:-20°C—25°C
3 months:-20°C—45°C
1 month:-20°C—60°C


Battery Safety, General Knowledge and safe handling:

No matter what your expertise level, batteries must be selected and used with care. If you are using this battery for a specific purpose it is your job to verify it fits your needs based on the information we provide. If you are unsure, please ask. Guessing is not an option when it comes to batteries used in mod and with the newer vape products on the market.

In todays vape scene we have a lot of different needs, standard ohm, low ohm and subohm, high amp requirements and more. Using the wrong battery can cause serious damage or a health risk.

We ask that you read our battery safety guide before using a battery purchased at DiscountVapers.

General Cautions on ALL batteries:
- DO NOT USE any battery we sell in a multiple battery configuration. We do NOT certify that it is safe for multibattery mods.
- DO NOT USE any battery we sell in a "homemade" mod, these batteries are for use in electronically protected and monitored mods and devices.

- Make 100% sure the battery you choose is suitable for your mod and the devices you attach to your mod.
- Do not over-discharge/overcharge, do not use cheap battery chargers, they are not all the same.
- Recharge empty batteries ( resting voltage ~3.6V ) as soon as possible. Leaving Li-Ion batteries in discharged state can incur irreversible damage ( capacity / cycle loss )
- Do not short circuit ( will release tremendous current ) This means store it properly, do not let the contacts come in contact with metal or conductive surfaces
- Do not dispose of in fire.
- Heed all manufacturer warnings and limits.
- Dispose of all batteries according to your local laws.

Important! We have NOT tested out the amp limit on this battery and if there is one listed above (among other specifications) it is from the manufacturer, heed all manufacturer warnings and limits.

Eric's personal tip:
Inspect your batteries regularly, if you see any damage, liquid, off colors, worn spots or anything else out of the ordinary, do not use it dispose of it immediately according to your local laws.

This item cannot be sent to International destinations

Our Notes & Warnings on Batteries are not intended to scare you, they are intended to make you pay attention to the batteries you purchase. These are not like the AA or AAA batteries you find in stores. These batteries can have specific amp limits and the wrong battery in the wrong mod or used with the wrong attached device can cause bad things to happen.

Please be aware, we do not manufacture batteries. And the folowing applies to all battery sales:

1. DiscountVapers is not responsible for any damages or injuries sustained from the misuse or abuse of this item. DiscountVapers does not manufacture this product, it is a China item.
2. This item is sold with the intent that the user will use standard ohms (single coil setups between 1.5-4.0ohms) in a protected mod or device. We do not suggest or condone any other usage.
3. It is becoming popular to do "subohms". Subohms is any ohm rating below 1.0ohms. We do not cover subohm vaping in any way and do not condone it. You must be familiar with all aspects of sub or even low ohms (anything below 1.8ohms) before using any battery in that manner or you WILL cause damage to the battery, mod, the attached device and/or yourself.
4. We get our information from the manufacturer, we cannot in any way confirm the validity in their statements or specifications as we lack the equipment for it.
5. Please research subohms if you plan to use it and be familiar with all aspects before attempting.

There are many ohms/watts/amps/current calculators out on ther web, we suggest you familiarize ourself with one of them.

Warranty Information

We want you to be satisfied with every product we sell. Please contact us if you experience any issues with any product we sell.

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