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August 8th 2016 FDA Rules change for all Vaping Retailers is now in effect.
We are required to age check BY LAW, this will happen after checkout and you will not notice any changes. We are now using Veratad. If you do not automatically age verify we will contact you via email before shipping your order, this may delay shipping. For more information, click here.

    We will stop shipping on April 16th. We may reopen sometime in the future, but not anytime soon. We've created coupon code ASIS30 for 30% off your entire cart total to help you stock up.
It has been an honor to serve your vape needs.

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As of August 8th 2016 all vaping related online retailers are now required by the FDA to verify the age of each purchaser of vaping products. We have partnered with Veratad to accomplish this. The process is behind the scenes and you will not experience any changes during checkout. We will be using your checkout information to run an Age Verification, if you pass, your order will be processed and shipped.  If not we will contact you with a request for more information. Due to FDA Law we cannot ship your order until you are age verified.  Please check your email on a regular basis for up to 24 hours after placing the order.  In most cases we run the check during the day before 2PM (EST) but as this process is not automatic, it may delay your order.

Although not yet required, if you plan to checkout as a guest, please consider creating an account at checkout as we will be able to avoid re-verifying on any future order and it will make it easier and quicker for you and us.

This is industry wide in the USA and not just DiscountVapers.  US vendors not verifying age are not following the law and by not doing so that may cause even more drastic changes by the FDA. Once we verify your age you should not be required to do it again in the future and it may help you at other places that require it as well.

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