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August 8th 2016 FDA Rules change for all Vaping Retailers is now in effect.
We are required to age check BY LAW, this will happen after checkout and you will not notice any changes. We are now using Veratad. If you do not automatically age verify we will contact you via email before shipping your order, this may delay shipping. For more information, click here.

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    In order to limit exposure to Covid-19 for our staff and family, we are temporarily adjusting our shipping schedule. The updated schedule can be found on our Shipping/Returns link above.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

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I need your help.. but first some background.

Some of you may know me and my family, but many of you may not.

I am just like you, I started out as a frustrated vaper: frustrated by the lack of choice and the high prices of ecig gear.  While I understand the need for earning a profit in this market-- with backend costs being so high-- in my view the industry- standard profit margin was too high when I started.  So I began DiscountVapers (formerly go-gousa.com).

My goal is to save the average vaper money.  Maybe it's $0.50 on one product, maybe it's $10.00 on another, whatever the price, I try to minimize any upcharge. I am constantly looking for ways to save you money.  That might sound like a sales pitch but it isn't. It's the truth, and here's why...

Our do's and don'ts:

We do not inflate prices and put everything "on sale."

This is not only disingenuous, it's illegal in some states!  Be wary and diligent.  If you find a better deal elsewhere PLEASE BUY IT (or just ask me to match it) if saving money means going elsewhere, so be it.

We do not keep prices artificially high to cover coupon code costs.
There are many vendors out there who throw coupon codes around like it's going out of style.  Be wary, look at your total price after applying the code.  We have a loyalty discount but we generally do not offer coupon codes due to our pricing. Sometimes we do in our newsletter or on our ECF subforum but you will not see coupon codes floating out there, that is not fair to our current customers.

We do not abandon a customer after a sale. Most vendors out there are good people, and they try their best in a competitive field, but I have heard horror stories.  I promise you will not ever get shafted by DiscountVapers...ever.

We DO offer competitive and, most often, much cheaper prices on the same items you would get elsewhere, even with their discount codes. On occasion we have "off brands" or "knockoffs", I will post the details of any item I feel is not a match for the original and give an honest review of the item.

We DO care. I personally care a lot; sometimes too much :)  I want you to be satisfied, and I take personal offense (against myself) if I fail. 

I work hard... just like you do, for every dollar I earn, and I take pride in knowing I am not taking advantage of anyone while doing it. 

I make mistakes but try to make up for them. They are always unintentional and always with the best intentions.  I am not perfect, none of the products I sell are perfect, and you will never hear me say "this is perfect", I will never hype something that I am not 100% behind and confident in.

There is no such thing as the "greatest ever." This industry is still young, and many products are made intentionally with materials that will not last or will outright fail. It keeps you coming back. I wish I could change, that but I can't. All I can promise you is that I will always try to get the best items for you at the best price.

If you like my prices, my service or my policies, please help me grow to become a force to be reckoned with!  Post a link to a product you like that you purchased from DV on Facebook; post a review on YouTube; Tweet it; review it on a forum,; tell a friend; help someone switch from smoking to vaping; or post my business card on a board in town. Even small things help us grow, which in turn will allow us get more products and lower prices.

Be honest with me also.  If I am doing something you don't like, tell me.  If a price is too high, tell me.  If you have a suggestion, just let me know.

I can't be successful without you.
Want to know more... read how this whole shebang works here .