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Kanger ProTank 3

  • Protank 3 Inside Box (factory picture)
  • Protank 3 assembled
  • Protank 3 with parts from box removed
  • Protank 3 Outside Box
  • Protank 3 different coil heads
  • Protank 3 glass base (bottom side) is different than Protank 2
  • Protank 3 glass base (glass side) is different than Protank 2
  • Protank 3 coils are very different than other Protank coils (our picture)
  • Protank 3 and Protank 2 look identical in other ways
  • Protank 3 Security Code
  • Protank 3 Inner Box (real picture)
  • Protank 3 Inner Box (real picture, New long stem coils)
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Product Description

Kanger ProTank  3 - Dual Coil - Clear Glass

The Kanger ProTank 3 offers the same great features and performance as the Kanger ProTank but now has DUAL Coils

Please Note:  This tank is not designed to be used with Protank/EVOD Single Coil heads, but I was able to use one in mine.  It only leaked a bit when held upside down, but I didn't test all angles or very very long.  I suggest not using Protank/EVOD coils in the Protank III or just try what you might already have and see if it works for you.  Protank 3 coils can NOT be used with other Protanks (or mini's)

Also Important: Because this is a dual coil and it's a metal tank, the tip and sides will be warmer than a standard single coil ProTank, please keep this in mind. There is more heat coming off a dual coil and that will translate into a much warmer tank if you chain vapeor vape often without it cooling down.
My suggestion is to get yourself a plastic tip if you feel the metal tip is getting too warm for your liking.

you can purchase replacement Dual Coils here

The Protank 3 is 510 threaded and will work on all 510 threaded devices and Mod's without the need for an adapter.

Replaceable dual coil Atomizer Heads
Bottom Coil for better performance from your eliquid
Removable and replacable Pyrex Glass Tank for protection from harsh liquids 
Capacity is 2.5ml but it can hold up to 3ml if you fill it at less of an angle.
Comes with 2.0ohm Dual coil coil replacement heads (two of them come in the box)
Does NOT Use the same coils as the original ProTank
But it does share the same replacable glass and base as the original ProTank
You need to unscrew the base and put in a coil before using. 

Please Note:  This is the NEW Protank 3 with dual coils that comes completely apart, please see the pictures for a parts list.
Also, let the ProTank 3 sit for a moment after filling, a minute first to let the liquid get to the coil. Not allowing it to sit can cause a burned coil.

1 ProTank 3
1 ProTank Base (uses the same base as the original protank)
2 ProTank Coils (new 2.0ohm dual coils not compatible with older protanks)
1 Drip Tip 
1 Cardboard/plastic box to store the tank.
Kanger is now putting a Security code on the boxes to verify you are getting a Genuine Kanger Product! 

Dimensions: 49.55mm Height (without drip tip) x 18.35mm Diameter

Eric's Notes:
Please be careful with this tank, it is made of glass and can shatter and break if dropped.  Breakage of the tank is not warrantied.
Please also note that there have been varying reports that the ProTank II (and I) sometimes have issues when tightened down too far on certain devices (like mods, ZMax, Vamo, ProVari etc).  This isn't something covered. because the ProTank 3 uses the same base, the same issues may arise. If it's not making a good connection, back off on the device, or use an adapter to raise it up. If you need a new base, they are for sale.
The coils are not warrantied,  ohms are not exchangable.

Eric's Review:
LOVE It.  Tried the dual coil, to me it's an improvement all around. I wish the PT3 coils were compatible with older protanks but what can you do.. progress.
Please note that the ProTank 3 coils DO NOT fit in any other Protank version (or the mini's) and the previous Protank coils while they do fit version 3, do slightly leak when the unit is held upside down so if you use protank coils on this unit, expect a little leakage.

  It uses the same base as the original so be carefull with this, it is top heavy and needs to be handled with care, there have been a lot of ProTank bases that have snapped.  Do not keep it attached to your battery when not in use, do not store it in a pocket or purse attached to the battery.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Not a bad price for a great unit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Nov 2014

    This manger pro 3 is one of the best atomizers I've had. It comes after having the pro tank 2 then I moved to the smaller pro tank mini 2 for travel and work since I needed to be inconspicuous when vaping. Now that I have the pro tank 3 I don't know how often I will use the others now. I read about leak issues with this tank, I'm a chain vapor and not even a gurgle yet. With proper cleaning and upkeep I don't see a ny issues with this tank. And gain shipping is mega fast and cheap on the pocket book just like all of DV's products.

  2. So far, so good 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2014

    I bought this tank as a replacement for another brands dual coil tank, that leaked like a sieve. The only initial problem that I had was that there seemed to be more air then there was vapor. I found that I could adjust the beauty ring, a small amount, and that made all the difference.

    All in all I quite pleased with the Protank 3.

  3. Solid choice 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th May 2014

    I went through a dozen different tanks that I never really liked much until I got a Protank 2. I loved the Protank 2 and it's still my favorite. I now have two Protank 3s and I found that they had a reputation for not being compatible with Protank 2 coil heads but I have found using Protank 2 coil heads in them works just fine, no problems at all. Personally, I like the Protank 2 better, since I don't like the vape I get out of the dual coil Protank 3 coils. In fact at this point I just put my Protank 2 coils into my Protank 3s and just don't bother buying any more Protank 3 dual coils, I like the single coils just fine.

    Effectively this is just a Protank 2 with slightly more room at the bottom to allow for the larger dual coil design but for me at least it seems to fit just wonderfully with the single coils designed for the Protank 2.

    For future buys I'll just get more Protank 2s since they're reliable and I've gone through so many tanks I DON'T like that I'm sticking to what I know I like.

    I also, unlike almost anybody, seem to prefer LOW wattage, which may be why I'm not in love with the dual coil design, the single coil seems great to me. Still, if you're trying to decide on Protank 2 vs. 3, you may want to go to the 3 and try a few Protank 2 single coils, despite what you may have read I at least have found that Protank 2 coils work in these just great!

  4. Very useful, but expect problems. 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Apr 2014

    I can honestly say that I am somewhat of a newer vaper so because of that, I had a few problems with this right out of the package. When I bought this, it came with the short-stemmed coils and with both of them right out of the box, I experienced many problems. My first problem was that it gurgled a lot. Another thing I had an issue with was leakage as well as a bad burnt taste when I COULD get it to fire without the leaking. I also had the issue on one of the two being absolutely hard to pull off of and it was not producing any vapor. I instantly blamed the product, not the coils(assuming the coils should work right out of the box). I took it to my local vapor shop(Vegas Vapor Emporium) and they informed me those coils are complete garbage and threw me a couple of the new ones with the longer stem. With the new coils, I have been having fewer issues, however I have still been having problems with coils burning out within a week. I have gone through about 3 boxes of coils since March 16, and am getting another two in the mail from DV. I like it because it's the only glass tank I own at the moment and use cinnamon flavored juice, but I have recently tried the iClear 16B and that cheap ass tank produced twice as much vapor as this 2x the price Kanger tank. So far, I have been exclusive to Kanger on tanks with the EVOD, T3S and the PT3 and only have tried one other tank(CE4) and I am starting to feel like Kanger tanks are a complete waste of money after trying the Innokin iClear 16B. I am willing to give Kanger another try since I have the EVOD 2 glass tank coming tomorrow, and the aerotank base that I am going to use on my PT3, but if I can't get better life out of these then I am making a switch. I just don't know where just yet.

    By the way, I am using the Innokin iTaste vv 3.0 and have tried the tank on every setting, and have used it mainly on 9.5w or 10w (as my vapor shop guy suggested) and I can't find any satisfaction out of it.

  5. I like it... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Apr 2014

    I have an original ProTank,and I now have 2 ProTank III's.The III is a major improvement imho.I run my tanks at 10 watts and that gives me tons of vape and flavor with no problems at all.I clean my tanks once a week,including dry burning the coils.This routine maintenance gives me MONTHS of good service from the coils.So,why did I only give the ProTank only 4 stars,it's because despite how big it looks,the tank doesn't hold as much as the original.That is my only complaint.I haven't experienced any leaking whatsoever with my III's.

  6. Nice and tricky but got it 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Mar 2014

    I purchased one of these from a local vendor. Figured it would be a nice upgrade from my PT2, which it was at first. After 2 days it started leaking, replaced the coil and all was good for a few hours. Having nothing but troubles from there so I had to get smart. Pulled the whole thing apart, cleaned every part, reassembled, making sure everything was snug, not tight, just snug or finger tight. I also noticed when replacing the coil it didn't seat well. After screwing in the coil, give it a small wiggle and make sure it don't move or have any play. Just wiggle gently and twist till it is tight. Also I pull back the seal on the coil stem slightly. That way I know that it is sealing properly when putting the base on. Also after I fill I take a cotton swab and dab out any juice that may have made its way through.

    After a lot of trial and error. Finally I have been able to get about 6 tank fills before having troubles.

    Also I noticed I get the best flavor and hit from my juice at 4.1V.

    This tank also gets hot. I take several big hits and let it sit for about 5 minutes before hitting again.

  7. Great tank, still not so good atomizers. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Feb 2014

    Great tank for flavor and vapor. Only problem I have with these tanks is the fact the atomizer might last a day or a week, sometimes don't even get a day out of them. Remember everyone this is a dual coil, you need to pump up the voltage/wattage. It gives slightly (I mean slightly) better vapor/flavor than the PT2. Still waiting for the ultimate tank. Maybe someone will make one someday, but for now Kanger is the best tank on the market.

  8. now I know why they changed the coils 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2014

    with the included coil(short) this tank wouldn't be worth a 2 star, just leaked and leaked... but with the purchased(long)coil it is great with a good airflow..just a shame it was sent with the defective coils when it is a KNOWN problem

  9. huge disappointment 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2014

    it floods all the time full tank half tank at first I thought it was the fluids nope doesn't matter they all flood I am going to stick to the protank 2 I think that's the better buy

  10. Very Ayre 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2014

    Not a very good hit, more air than smoke. You would think being a dual coil would give a easier hit not harder. Very large and heavy and hard to match a battery to it

  11. Finally 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Feb 2014

    I have the MVP II with the protank II. This is an upgrade from the protank I, which was ok but you could this things could be better. And that better is the beautiful dual coils of the Protank III!

  12. Came with wrong coil! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Feb 2014

    After leaking out the juice and inspection it turns out the tank had the wrong coils with it Then insalled one of the replacement coils from the extra box orderd and the tank worked fine.

    Eric's Edit: this did not come with the wrong coil. The coils that come with the Boxed Protank are short coils, Kanger recently replaced the short coils with long coils so they would also fit into the Aerotank.

  13. A little airy but...good flavor 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Feb 2014

    A perfect pair with the Itaste svd. It brings out all the flavors from your juice. No gurgling effect like the iclear 30 although the draw is a little bit airy compared to an iclear 30 which has a tighter draw. Overall, I prefer this over an iclear 30.

  14. A little disappointing... 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jan 2014

    I decided to upgrade from a ProTank 1 to this ProTank 3 because I really wanted to go dual-coil. To be honest, I don't see the difference - it looks a little better I guess and it's easier to clean, but no noticeable improvement in the vape. If I had it to do over again, I probably would have saved the money and just stuck with the 1.

  15. Love it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jan 2014

    Been using the PT3 for about 5 days now, while my PT2 sits on the table collecting dust. This tank works fantastically and I will not go back from here. Just an all around better product, the protank 2 might as well be an evod at this point.

  16. Made me a believer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jan 2014

    I wrote a earlier review on this tank and at the time i wasn't overly impressed compared to my original Pro tank...HOWEVER,after giving it more time and playing around with my juice i LOVE this new duel coil tank,in fact i am ordering another one. Highly recommend!!

  17. New to Vaping 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2014

    I'm relatively new to the vaping scene and this is the tank I purchased per a friend's recommendation. I haven't encountered any serious problems with this product. It got a little leaky a couple times, but nothing a good cleaning and new coil didn't fix. I use it with an adjustable voltage battery and enjoy the draw and the amount of vapor I get. I really like the colored glass so I can coordinate it with my battery :) Cheers!

  18. Impressive 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2014

    Just got this an hour ago, but am impressed so far. The vapor produced with the dual coils is vastly improved over the ProTank II. The ProTank III vapor is warmer and provides a good but more in the way of flavor. DV's order fulfillment is awesome and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Too early to tell if I'll have problems with coils, but I've come to expect that they won't all work or last very long. Fortunately, DV's prices on the 5 packs are great and it still beats the cost of regular cigarettes.

  19. Even better than the ProTank 2! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2014

    Love it! Very consistent performance without the leaking like my PT 2. Vapes like a beast!

  20. Excellent Tank 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2014

    Extremely happy with the Protank 3. Using this brings out more flavor than my pervious tank. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a replacement.

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