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Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer - Clone

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Product Description

Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer - Clone

OK first, the price I see these listed at elsewhere is quite a shock.  There is simply no reason for this simple item to be so costly. This is a CLONE. It is NOT a genuine Pheonix.  That said, it doesn't matter.  It's the same thing: same materials, same design (except for a small upgrade). If you want to spend 2.5 to 5 times more for the name, that's OK :)

Virtually identical to the original Pheonix atomizer, but has one nice improvement: a tapered cone for the top, making it look a lot better.
Functionally and structurally, it is the same unit, made from the same materials.  Please compare the pictures of this to the other pictures of the Pheonix.  Completely rebuildable with any wick or coil you choose.

If you want to try your hand at wick and wire, this is a good item for your collection.  It's less expensive (the Pheonix goes for $19-$39), leaving you more $$ for your wick and wire. Not recommended for beginners unless you want to get your feet wet with an easily rebuilable atomizer.  Even if you don't, this is a great item to have for testing liquids or getting the best vape possible.  Parts are easy to clean or remove entirely.

Made with Stainless Steel and Plated Copper.
Can be disassembled and reassembled.

510 Threaded, will fit any 510 or eGo battery
14mm Overall Diameter

32mm Overall Length

IMPORTANT: There has been one report of metal shavings found inside a Phoenix. Please open the Phoenix and check before using.  Shake it a bit and blow out any debris. I have opened many of them and not found anything.  However, it is always best to be cautious. Please clean the unit first before use, to remove any excess machine oils or other manufacturing residues.

Eric's Review:
I am excited to carry this because of the cost. I get to save everyone a serious amount of money. Never thought I'd like something like this, but I do.  I test out a lot of flavors, and I usually use a Vision atomizer to do it.  Just run under water, dry and go.  This opens up a lot of possibilities for me: now I can learn how to wick and test out my creations; I can order different coils; or create my own using different wick materials and wick configurations.  Whatever I come up with, it is easy to attach between the two screws.  You will need an eyeglass screwdriver.  I've already tried a few variations. I even pulled out a wick from one of my universal heads, tried that and it worked!  I just had to remove it from the post.  So while there is no way this will become my everyday device, it will replace my atomizers for testing, plus I get to have some fun experimenting.

Note: it has a hard time with drip tips.  My gyroidal fits and so does the basic metal drip tip I have, but the o-ring gets stuck. I pushed it down all the way and it sheard a bit off the oring and now fits great, but it no longer fits my other stuff.  Oh well, so be it. Please be aware that not all drip tips will fit this item,/  Luckilly it comes with one! :)   As always, if unsure, buy only ONE to see if it is for you.  I do not accept multi quantity returns on new items. Vaping gear is a risk... always. That said, I can't see anyone interested in this type of item not liking this.


Direct From Rolygate at ECF... a Warning:


Please note very carefully that rebuildable atomizer coils and wicks have known risks.
Rebuildables are for experts, not average or beginner vapers with no multimeter or knowledge of how to use a meter, or when a meter must be used, or how electronic devices work. These materials cannot safely be used by the inexperienced or those without basic knowledge of electronics.

This is because:

1. A rebuildable coil/wick MUST be tested carefully with a meter before it is used.
2. If it is not tested it may damage the device it is used on.
3. Faulty wicks/coils WILL blow electronic devices.
4. New coil/wick units must be tested and then used first on a strong basic electrical APV such as a Silver Bullet, that will not be destroyed by a short circuit.
5. No new coil/wick assembly should be used on an electronic device until known to be safe.
6. These items destroy electronic devices if faulty. This is a known issue.
7. These items have inherent risks and may go faulty at any time even if they were originally in good working order. The owner bears the cost of equipment damaged as a result.
8. RAs or RTAs must only be used on equipment that cannot be seriously damaged or harm the user. In practice this could mean an electrical device with a hot spring (fuse) or an electronic device that will not activate if there is a short-circuit (a dead short). Unfused devices or unprotected electronic devices will suffer damage when used with a faulty RA or RTA.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Good Atomizer-hard to rebuild

    Posted by hushnow on 29th Dec 2013

    This little dude is pretty awesome, especially for the money. My first RDA, but unfortunately not my last. Drilled out the airhole, and rebuilt with 30ga and cotton yarn. The reservoir is excellent for driving (15 drops lasts most drives)and sitting around the house. I don't miss my Protank except for that I can't sit my mod down on it's side. But that's for any RDA. The con-The rebuild deck is SMALL and tricky to rebuild. Teensy screws, and the coil has to sit between the posts, limiting builds. The IGO W is about the same price and I ordered one of those now. Nothing from the Phoenix, though. Good stuff.

  2. great begginer RBA

    Posted by Joshua on 28th Dec 2013

    The peonix clone rba is a great rebuildable atomiser. Its very simple to use and with the right coil in it can produce a decent amount of vapor for you. I actually order a pack of kanger pro tank coils and take them appart and use the coil in the pheonix, I just pull the silica out of the wire and replace it with a longer piece of cotton. Screw it in to the pheonix posts and push my cotton wick down in the pheonix. But over all this product is great and discount vapers has an unbeatable price with lightning fast shipping. Cant go wrong with them.

  3. Great for the money

    Posted by Talon4x4 on 19th Dec 2013

    For $9 you just can't go wrong. I just got into the DIY juices and I bought this strictly for trying out juice as I make it. For this function its working perfectly. So much easier than filling a tank.

  4. A little winner

    Posted by SlowJoe on 16th Dec 2013

    Great little atomizer. good flavor, good vapor. You can not beat it for the prize. Discount vapors is the fastest when it comes to shipping. I think they can read your mind and ship it before you order it.

  5. average dripping rebuildable

    Posted by Ryan on 12th Dec 2013

    Perfect starting point to try your hand at rebuilding. I just got one to test new flavours.

  6. Simple and inexpensive

    Posted by Dave on 6th Dec 2013

    As always the service is absolutely the best.
    This is a great under 10 dollar rebuild-able that's easy to use. The draw is a hair easy on the inhale but no issue compared to price.

  7. Perfect for intermediate RBA

    Posted by Tim on 5th Dec 2013

    Even wanted to try a RBA that's easy on the eyes, hands, and wallet? This is the vape for you! Don't let the pictures fool you, this unit is tiny as it's about the diameter of an average Ego battery. If you're comfortable working with small items and small spaces then give this a go. It handles low ohm / low volt and high ohm / high volt combinations equally well and does not disappoint. As some have said the airhole on the side is unusually placed and may be small for some but i like a 'tight' draw personally so this 'con' is a plus for me.

  8. best yet

    Posted by dfb on 26th Nov 2013

    this is the best one I have used yet

  9. High Standards

    Posted by High Standards on 15th Nov 2013

    Something important to note which is somehow NOT shown in the photos: This atomizer has a large and tall glob of glue that nearly fills the bottom of the tank. I'm very dissatisfied, as what I received isn't disclosed in the photos or description. Its a bummer that I don't smoke glue, because this item is useless to me.

    Eric'c Edit:

    There is no glue in a Phoenix, please contact us about this. The photos represent what the Phoenix looks like if there is something in yours it does not belong there. We need to see this please.

  10. loving it

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Oct 2013

    I love the clouds of vapor, the great flavor and throat hit from this little unit. Its not to difficult to build once you get used to the size. Luckily I was rebuilding kanger heads before I thought of getting this. Its definitely worth the price.

  11. Great for beginners!

    Posted by Robert Carney on 19th Sep 2013

    It's a little tricky at first. Have to drill out bigger air hole. Having to put the coil slanted along inside of the posts can be tricky, with having to get the coil as close to the posts as possible. Other than that great little RBA for the price. Very good for beginners to learn the idiosyncrasies of making a coil for an RBA. 5 stars for quality of product for such a little price.

  12. Works great

    Posted by Vape freak on 16th Sep 2013

    I bought this after using an A7 and A7 mini for several months. Quality wise, its not as well made and nicely finished as the a7's. but, it works the same albeit a little less room to work with as well as the air hole being in the top cap vs the 510 center post on the A7. Flavor is awesome! Honestly, I think it's even got my A7's and Igo's beat on flavor. I still need to try a vertical ss mesh wick. Awesome atty for the price!

  13. ss mesh dripper

    Posted by Ole on 16th Sep 2013

    Only rda ive found that can be set up with ss mesh without any problems. Cheap as chips too!

  14. Decent inexpensive RDA but tough to work with.

    Posted by TimD on 12th Sep 2013

    The Phoenix is very small and can be tricky to work with when rebuilding due to the small size and tight space for fitting the coil. The screws are super-small, I have a set of precision screwdrivers and even my smallest phillips head is too big for the Phoenix screws. I dropped a screw on the carpet and was never able to find it. Wouldn't buy again due to the small size.

  15. Worked great for a week.

    Posted by kevin byars on 4th Sep 2013

    This worked awesome for a week, but its dead now, dont know what happened. The chance you take with a clone.

  16. Excellent for the price

    Posted by Mr Miles on 3rd Sep 2013

    For the price it's hard to beat. This was one of the first RBA's I've gotten and I haven't had an issue with it yet, even after buying lots of "better" ones. Made a few different coils to learn, the 6 wrap I've got on it now vapes like a champ! excellent flavor as well. I might experiment with the air flow since that seems to be everyone's issue, but I'm very happy with it.

  17. Bang for the buck

    Posted by Mrickak on 20th Aug 2013

    One of best RBA I have will be ordering more. Did drill out the air hole because i like more air flow but was pretty good with the stock vent.Clouds of vapor and flavor if you rebuild it properly. Holds about 15 drops of liquid. My every day Atty now done with tanks for now.

  18. Brilliant inexpensive dripper

    Posted by Asmotron on 15th Aug 2013

    I picked this up to try dripping and micro coil builds. I immediately tossed out the coil and wick that came with it and wrapped myself a 30g 12 wrap micro coil around a 1/16 nail. Threaded in some organic cotton and BAM! Beautiful vaping experience!

    This is a great little device, well made, and just plain works.

    Unlike other reviewers I have been able to place the coil centered in the device, or right up near the air hole. Works like a charm for me.

  19. Cheap is as cheap does.

    Posted by Audiologistikal on 4th Aug 2013

    Wanted to try out a Phoenix style RBA and got this one. It worked once or twice then shorted out on me. Put a few different coils in it and it still shorted out. So it's worthless now, worked okay before that for a few drags. When it did work, the wick and coil it came with seemed a bit on the small side and seemed to mess with the flavor pretty bad. Cheap stuff, used it a few times, it broke, short wasn't repairable. The end.

  20. Great Starter RBA but needs a bit of modding

    Posted by -=- Robert -=- on 18th Jul 2013

    I am a fan of this little RBA. Tiny workspace on the deck but the well holds a ton of juice. I did have to bore out a larger air hole but, once that was done, it vaped like a champ. My only gripe was that my Phoenix clone came with a stripped screw on one of the posts so I have to use a pair of needle nose pliers to fasten it down on the wire which makes rebuilding a bit more difficult. Not really worth complaining about to DV given the price and since it is still usable (for the most part).

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