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Poorly made - Unsafe - USB Variable Voltage Mini Passthrough - Chrome

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Poorly made - and Unsafe to use-  USB Variable Voltage Mini Passthrough - Chrome


We purchased these from a "trusted" source, one we purchased them from years ago when they were quality items.
Now it seems that the output is poor under load and that quality of the button not only is chipped and poorly molded but also sticks which is a potential hazard for usage.

This item should ONLY be used for parts, testing or tinkering and should be in no way used for every day vaping, not only is the sticky button unsafe but the quality of the entire unit screams "bad" to me.  While it might be possible to get a good one, if you purchase this it is for parts only, not for use.


This is our original description and most of it no longer applies:

Aww, how cute a mini USB Passthrough!
Note: This now comes in a retail like blister packing. No longer on it's own and is subject to different packging and different cord colors.

A USB Variable Voltage Passthrough
(Can only be used connected to a powered USB port, 510 connector with eGo threading.)

Vape at multiple voltages!

Plug into your USB port.
5 presses advances you to each voltage level and lights the appropriate led light:
Green(4.8v) (not all computer USB ports can output this value, it is NOT in any way garanteed to reach 4.8v)

WARNING: A USB port (computer or laptop) that sticks to USB specs of 500mA output max provides 5V *0.5A = 2.5 Watts. So this item is NOT for use with low ohm or subohms devices, manufacturer states this can handle over 2.0ohms. DO NOT use on ohms lower than 2.0ohms.  ONLY use 2.0ohms and above for your personal safety and that of your devices connected to it.  This device is "old school" and intended for standard clearomizers, not tanks, subohms or any of the more recent tank like items on the market.  If you have a CE4, CE5 or something like this in an ohms range of 2.0 or above this is perfect for usb vaping.

This passthrough will work with any standard 5V USB socket on your computer or laptop but please make sure it is suitable for your output source, check the manufacturer spec on output from your USB port, most USB ports only allow.



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Product Reviews

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  1. Perfect for car&computer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2014

    I can finally stop depleting my batteries when driving or working at a computer (which is 99% of my time LOL). My computer USB ports have no problem with the highest setting 4.7V although I don't use it regularly - I don't like the taste of burned liquid. It's really light, and that is a plus and a con at the same time: the way the cable was twisted during shipping makes the switch to be in an awkward position, and because it's so light it tends to twist itself back when I try to position it right. Guess it will fix itself with time as the cable gets unkinked. Overall I'm very satisfied; I'd purchase 1-2 more if they weren't out of stock. :(

  2. suer glue and electric tape 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Aug 2014

    This is a great product. I got so tired of recharging my batteries.. I always had several on the charger, and spent a lot of time checking and changing batteries.. Thanks to the genius who thought of the super glue and electric tape.. I do not pull too much, but the black casing has seemed to slip anyway.. I am back for 2 extras.. Dont want to go back to the batteries, they are very time consuming..It could be a little more powerful. My Mah1100 seems to be more powerful.. But this is still a great product.

  3. Doesn't Work 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2014

    I bought this and tried to use an RDA on it and it didnt work. The blue light blinked 5 times when i tried to fire it. Then i tried to use a mini nova clearomizer and got the same result. I'd actually like a refund.

  4. Great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2014

    works fantastic I have used a lot of pass through's and this is the best, use a little super glue on the cord hole where it goes into the pass-through.

  5. This little thing rocks. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Feb 2014

    It rocks. I made some really hot coils that won't work on anything below 4.7. This passthrough will burn those coils with no problem as long as it is plugged into the USB in my truck. Won't work on my computer unless i change to a normal store bought coil. I didn't give the wires a chance to pull out, given the other reviews here I shot a good dose of hot glue where the wires entered the housing and I haven't had any problems. I drive a truck and this mini hangs from overhead storage and makes vaping convenient and safe for me.

  6. Cool little passthrough 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2014

    This is a neat little item if you are at your computer and waiting for your other batteries to charge. This is not a take with you passthrough. It only works while plugged into a computer or laptop.

  7. Nice and handy passthru device 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Feb 2014

    I was using a 400mah mini-eGo when in the car for stealth, regulated 3.7v, but the vape still gets somewhat puny as the battery depletes. This passthru is the perfect solution! As suggested, the 1st thing I did when I got this was put a drop of Krazy Glue where the cord enters the device to prevent it from pulling out, seems to be holding well. Note that if this is used with a USB car adapter/port (or wall adapter), the adapter needs to have a minimum current output of 1 amp (1000mah), 500mah won't cut it - found this out when it wouldn't work with my car's built-in USB port. It's simple to use, I love the variable voltage (without a twist) option, and the cord length is generous, almost 4ft. For the low price it's a handy, well functioning, stealthy little gizmo!

  8. Rules 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Feb 2014

    Just got mine. It rules, big time. Been waiting since after they sold out last time so this one is from the most recent stock. Cable doesn't seem loose at the bottom at all, but time will tell. I should have gotten 2.

  9. Just what I needed.... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Feb 2014

    This is long but read it...

    I make my own coils and 100% cotton yarn for a wick. Have built my own and purchased direct 5 volt usb pass thoughs in the past.

    The problem with the manual/direct passthroughs are that my portable batterys 650mah mini-x9 and "The Bolt" w/ extention for 18650s run 3.2-3.7 volts.

    At 5 volts I would cook my attys in an hour, I tried to wind high ohm coils, but it really blows to try to keep track of which atty is which on the road or when trying to be discreet. With this I can wind all my attys the same and vape worry free.

    Hint: I got a portable mophie juice pack power station pro, 6000 mah 2.1A phone charger from the Verizon site. Plug this bad boy into that for days of vaping... clip the battery to your belt or carry in a shoulder bag/back pack. Great for biking, hiking, camping, where ever discreetness is not an issue. I've passed it off as a medical inhaler device at security check points with no problem. They let me take it into the International Auto show in Detroit ---(I would keep it stashed in the baggage through TSA airport security though...unless you want to risk an awkward search by the guy with a uniform, unless your into that... ;)

    As to the comments about USB voltages... If your PC (or any USB port) doesn't output 5 volts pretty consistently, it is really broken. You need to have at least (you may be able to get away with less) 2.1A rated port. Read the fine print on the adapter or your PC documentation. a lot of cheaper adapters are 500mah-1A. Many of the Quality home/auto adapters are rated at 2.1A

    I have never found a PC USB (direct on the PC, not on the back of the keyboard or monitor) that didn't work.

    I dont know for sure, but someone mentioned PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation), that's a great solution. Arduino geeks, get some properly rated transistors and write a sketch for a premium full featured desk unit w/LCD diplays etc... GEEK ON. See Youtube for an example.

    Wrap the cord with electric tape, use epoxy, superglue, hot glue, or whatever preemptively and you wont have to deal with any of the mentioned issues. Yes they could have built in the stress relief, but get over it. Sit down at a work surface and be careful to be neat and not pump the case full of glue and you'll be fine.

    Eric has been hands down the best Vape vender I have ever dealt with. Replied to emails promptly etc.

  10. So Nice not to worry about Battery while Vaping at the PC 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2014

    I love this pass through!
    I like most will sit at a PC all day at work , then when I get home I am on my pc. So what a way to not dealing with dead or dieing battery and having my vape sessions.

    Variable Voltage and always like using a fresh battery!

    The only bad thing is , you cannot plug it into a standard wall plug with USB, it only works out of a PC. Was very odd. I have not tried it on a car adapter, but from the other review that works too, so that just bumped it up to 5 star , worth the purchase. Just as the other review make sure you secure the cord and I suggest treating it very gingerly for a long life. I been using it hard for couple weeks, and decided to buy another as back up

    I found that Discount Vapes is one of the best. Excellent customer service and the prices are Sooo Great!! Truly a wonderful first purchase experience, and will my goto site for vaping accessories in the future

  11. Great and comes in handy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Feb 2014

    I love this thing, especially when sitting at my computer or my car. Works great on the computer as well as a car adapter.

  12. great battery saver... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2014

    I've had passthroughs in the past....but NOT VV and EGO threading....Very nice!!! Save batteries for going out. Haven't tried the EGO connection yet...but nice to use 510 or Ego. Glad I purchased it!!! DV has excellent shipping and prices!!!

  13. Good passhtrough 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jan 2014

    It's a great device for me, as an indoor vapor I find this device to work great for me, the only.issue is that the cable is indeed kinda lose in the bottom, but that's nothing that can't be fixed with some silicone.

  14. pretty awesome 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2013

    This thing is great. Look ma, no battery. I work from home and sit in front of my computer all day so this is perfect for me.

    The only caveat, like mentioned, is that the wire attachment to the body is flimsy. I immediately noticed this and reinforced it with electrical tape as a precaution.

    Have had no button-related problems.

  15. Great for @ desk use! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2013

    Great for when my ego-c dies or when Im @@ the desk or in the car for long periods of time. Works great and is good quality!

  16. This thing is great...until it breaks 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Dec 2013

    Well I used this thing for a week and then the button pushed in and fell inside the case so for about a dollar a day you can vv vape it til you break it

  17. Phenominal! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Dec 2013

    I took the advice of Eric and other reviewers and secured the cord where it enters the unit with a bit of two-part epoxy. Works like a charm, and it's very convenient not to have to use up battery life whilst in the car or at my desk. I also like the variable voltage feature. Just a tip, I tried super glue first, and it flowed inside and managed to cement the button to the body of the unit, rendering it unusable :(. Eric was very helpful in replacing that unit (at a steep discount, I only paid shipping), but I do recommend steering clear of super glue. Great price for a great unit, and the best customer service on the internet, IMO.

  18. A solid unit. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Dec 2013

    For the price, this is a great unit. It works great when plugged into a computer, allowing me to vape comfortably whilst at my computer. The cord can sorta slide out of the bottom, but a spot of hot glue would seal it into place.

    My experience in purchasing this item showed me how DiscountVapers shines when it comes to helping a customer. I received a faulty unit, after emailing DV, I got a prompt reply and a fresh unit in the mail the next day. The service here is courteous, friendly and patient, making DiscountVapers a gem amongst thousands of cold, impersonal online retailers.

  19. WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2013

    I put a drop of super-glue on it as soon as I received it, and its been working great for about two weeks now. It works just like Eric says. I use the 3.7v (purple) on my long wick T2's with Tennesee cured juice. Great Vape. Saves on my batteries. Quick shipping as usual.

  20. Like it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2013

    I really like USB Variable Voltage Mini Passthrough. Great price would recommend it.

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