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Tesla Variable Voltage/Wattage - Black

  • Tesla without battery inserted
  • Tesla with battery inserted
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Product Description

Tesla Variable Voltage/Wattage - Black

This device can operate in either Adjustable voltage (3.0-6.0V) or Adjustable wattage (3.0-15W) at the push of a button.

Height: (full) 138.16mm
Diameter:  27.96mm


PWM chip tuned to RMS settings.
Adjustable voltage or power
Atomizer check function
Battery Voltage check function
Reverse battery installation protection
Fully Vented body and bottom cap
Thick Aluminum alloy light weight build
OLED screen
Ego Well connection
will fit Kanger eVods without an adapter but not MT3 or T3

Please note: this is not the version with the floating sprting loaded center pin, YoungJune said they had trouble with leaking clearomizers and shorting on the spring loaded version

You have to turn this on, so when putting in new batteries click the main button 5 times and wait a second. 

You Will Receive:
1 Tesla MOD.
1 User Manual

There is nothing else besides a box, this is not a kit, batteries are not included 
We recommend: 18650 IMR 2000mAh batteries, and a charger
The length of your battery must be 66mm or less for a button top, 67mm for a flat top. 

My suggestion is to get IMR batteries for this mod. In my opinion IMR's are the safer choice for all mods, the lower price will save you some money to put toward IMR batteries.

Do NOT stack batteries in this mod, this is an 18650 battery device only.

Tesla Instructions

Turning The Tesla ON/OFF: With 5 clicks to the fire/power button, the screen will display “TESLA” – then following is a bit of scrolling right to left text “System: ON”.
When turning the device off, 5 clicks and you’ll get the big Tesla text and followed by “System: OFF”.

Checking The Atomizer (Cartomizer) Ohm: To check the Ohm rating or resistance of your atomizer (or cartomizer), press and hold down the plus button for 3 seconds. Once it shows on the screen, it will stay lit for 5 seconds.
Checking The Current Battery Power: To check the battery power remaining, press and hold the minus button for 3 seconds. Once it shows on the screen, it will stay lit for 5 seconds. Fully charged it should read 4.2 V and just before the Tesla warns you of “Low V”, it should read 3.5 V.

Entering The Tesla Menu: Press and hold the plus button for 8 seconds.
Toggling Through The Menu: To toggle through the Tesla’s menu system, press the plus button through the three options.
Power Voltage: When “Power Voltage” is displayed on the screen, pressing the minus button will change it to “Voltage”, pressing the minus button once more will change it to “Power” (aka wattage).
LCD Display: This option will give you the ability to choose what displays on your screen when you press the fire/power button.
To choose from “Voltage”, “Resistance” and “Battery”. To navigate through the three choices, press the minus button.

LCD ON/OFF: This option allows you to choose if you want anything to display when pressing the fire/power button or display nothing at all.


Tesla Notes

1.1 Power Reset
When the OLED screen shows “Tesla,” The unit will boot into standby after 2 seconds.
1.2 Cut-off Protection
Activating the unit for longer than 10 seconds will trigger this safety feature, and the power output of the Tesla will cut off until the next button push.
1.3 Low battery detection
When the battery cell is depleted, or needs to be charged or changed, the unit will display the code “Low V.” The unit will cease to output until a charged battery is installed.
1.4 OLED display
When the OLED is set to display during use, it will show the corresponding information it has been set to display. If the OLED is not displaying any information, the screen has been turned off.

Tesla Features

1. Constant voltage and Constant power (dual mode output)
In constant voltage mode, the output voltage can be adjusted between 3.0-6.0V in increments of 0.1V.
In constant power mode, the output power can be adjusted between 3.0W and 15.W in 0.5W increments.
2. Single cell 3.7V battery input operational voltage is 3.2-5.0V
3. button adjustments allow you to choose between 25 possible power settings, and 31 possible voltage settings.
4. Atomizer resistances check function which can test and display the resistance of the atomizer in OHMS.
5. OLED display, which can show the battery input and output voltage, atomizer resistance, output power, or short circuit warnings.
6. Short circuit protection, and reverse battery installation protection.
If the battery is installed backwards, the control panel will switch to protected mode, so as to not damage the internal components of the Tesla.
7. Low voltage warning, will stop use of under-charged batteries and display the “Low V” warning.
8. Short circuit and Unsafe Amperage protections: The Tesla should detect external short circuits and disengage to protect the user.
The tesla will also detect if the attached atomizers resistance is too low to safely draw current.
In both cases the Tesla will disengage output automatically.


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