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What you need to get started

As we mentioned previously, you'll need a battery, clearomizer/cartomizer and some eLiquid. This is where it gets tricky.

Here is a break down of everything you need to get started

100% Required:
1. A Battery
2. A matching clearomizer/cartomizer to fit the battery
3. A matching charging cable and wall plug (optional as you can use your computer USB port)
4. e-Liquid

It's not much and you can pick up a quick basic kit here:
Basic Starter Kit this kit requires no thought, just purchase, everything (except liquid) you need is included to get started with a real ecig, not a dollar store piece of junk.

Optional: (not needed but recommended)
1. A case to store your ecig
2. Drip Tip (easier to vape, if your clearo takes one)
4. Syringe or dripper bottle to fill clearomizer/cartomizer 
5. Second backup battery, if your first battery dies, you do not wnt to be tempted back to analogs.
6. A USB Wall socket plug. This is what you plug the USB charging cable ionto if the compuer is off, you want to charge overnight or yo want the battery to charge faster.

You will have to decide what size you want, a 510 size can run anywhere from 180mAh to 380mAh. 
The mAh rating is the capacity of the battery, the higher the number the longer and or thicker the battery will be. A 510 is pretty much the same size as an analog (normal cigarette)
an Ego is a little bit thicker and has mAh ratings from 450mAh up to 1100mAh and a Go-go is even bigger and lasts even longer. if you do not wish to charge your batteries or have many spares, go with an eGo or Go-go.

Eric's Tip:
I can tell you right now, it is RARE for someone to stick with a 510 battery which is why we do not carry them, 510's are underpowered and require constant charging.  You may enjoy the feeling of a small battery but it's not an ideal solution, you will soon tire of charging the battery over and over and buying replacement 510's  Our recomendation is to go with an eGo type battery.

Batteries are listed here
510 (smaller, less capacity, will be charging all the time) we no longer carry the 510 batteries
eGo (slightly thicker, more capacity, will be charging 1-2 times per day)

You will need to make sure your clearomizer/cartomizer matches your battery. A Go-go cartomizer will not fit on an eGo or 510 battery and vice versa.
In general 510's and eGo's are interchangeble but that is not always the case. The reason is threading, the clearomizer/cartomizer screws onto the battery and must fit, an eGo threading is different than a Go-go.
There are many different types of threading so make sure the threading you are purchasing is the right one for your battery. Versions include 801, 808D, 510, 901, 401, 301, eGo 808D-3 We current;y ONLY carry 510 and eGo to make your life and choices easier, we do not carry 801's, 808d etc..

it may sound complicated but it isn't. Just stick to the basics, if you purchase an eGo battery just make sure your clearomizer/cartomizer choice is either a 510 or eGo (510 and eGo are almost always interchangable) Every clearomizer and atomizer on this website will fit onto your ego battery unless otherwise stated in the description.

click the type you desire (we recommend clearomizers) 

eLiquid is 100% subjective, your likes and dislikes are completely different than others, just keep in mind this is a process and you will have to try different flavors over time to find some that suit you. We do not currently sell eLiquids and they are not included in any kit.

Please note: ALL clearomizers and cartomizers need to be filled with eLiquid they are not prefilled and vaping an empty cartomizer not only tastes gross but it will also burn out the carto and destroy it.

I hope this has helped you get started, please visit our forum here if you have any questons, there are hundreds of people just like you who were new at one time and will be more than happy to help you on your journey to quit the analog, please check out our many other subjects in the learning section to get a more in depth report on all vaping related subjects