5 Signs That Indicate You Must Replace Your Vape Coil & How to Do It?

Are you someone who is new to the vaping world? Or do you consider yourself to be an expert in this field? It does not matter if you are new or pro, you will be needing to replace your vape coil at a certain time since they are not built to last and are considered a part of consumables.

The vape coil is what primarily heats the e-liquid and turns them into the vapor which you in turn inhale. It is one of the primary components and you should always care for its smooth operation and notice the slightest of changes in this operation.

Sometimes these signs can be difficult to read while at times the signs are so simple that we ask ourselves how on earth did we miss these. Today we will talk about those signs.

On a side note if you need to figure out how to clean Vape Coil , read our article about the same.

  1. Are you experiencing a certain burnt taste in your mouth? This is by far the most common issue faced by users of every kind of vaporizer. It means that your vape coil is not working as it should. It should not matter even if you change your vape e-liquid since the coil is essentially damaged so the only solution is to change it. Also if you are a novice user and do not know how to use a vape pen, read our article here. Now once you start experiencing this bad burnt taste in your mouth, do not under any circumstances use your vape pen further as this might damage other components over there.
  2. Are you noticing any taste in your e-liquid? This can also mean that your vape coil has gone bad but sometimes it can also mean that your e-liquid has gone bad. If you are a regular user of any particular flavor of e-liquid, this is come to your immediate notice by vaping the first puff itself. Also if you are using a slightly older vape pen then your coil must have absorbed the flavor of your most recent e-liquid and then when you switch to a different e-liquid it might taste awkwardly funny. The most simple solution is to replace the coil altogether, but if that does not solve this issue then try changing to a different e-liquid.
  3. Are there any leaks in your vape pen? Newly bought vape pens might not face this issue, however, if they do check with your manufacturer-specific warranty policy. As vape pens get older the materials used in the construction of them start to degrade and slowly develop cracks. These cracks although maybe minute but greatly damaging in the longer run. For example, these can cause damage to the coil or over burning, etc. So it is better to just take your electronic vaping device to the nearest service center for an examination. The tank, vape coil, and o-rings are the three main components of your vape pen, if there is any problem then it has to originate from here.
  4. Are you hearing any strange sounds from the vape pen? Are you hearing certain strange gurgling-type sounds from inside your vape pen? Then this might be a problem with your coil. But sometimes it is not that also, so it is very difficult to exactly say what is causing the problem without a thorough examination first. The sound will get even uglier if your vape coil has also started malfunctioning. Check with an expert and do not try to open the vape pen yourself as this might void your warranty claim.
  5. Poor Vape performance: This is in all probability the fault of your coil. If you are noticing fewer vape performances with increasing time then it has something to do either with the battery or the vape coil itself. If it is the latter then try changing the vape coil to see if the performance improves. Also, it might be a good idea to get the vape pen checked at the nearby service center for peace of mind. Because opening up the vape pen yourself may void your warranty claim and hence get you into a lot of trouble. However, if it is a battery issue then immediately stop using the vape pen, as you could be exposing yourself to the risk of a fire. Several vape pens have an in-built battery that is always non-removable, hence any change in its behavior is only noticeable till it’s too late. Also, you should not overcharge your vape pen, since this can also damage your pen’s battery. The surge protection works only to a certain extent, so it is better to be safe than sorry, right?.

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