SMOK Novo 2s Review

For the majority of you, SMOK needs no introduction. They were established in 2010, right at the start of what we now call the “vape revolution.”

It was a huge relief to see that SMOK has scaled back the Novo 2s and switched back to fundamentals. It has no controls, no customizable airflow, and no coils to swap, so you simply fill your pod and start puffing.

The kit is powered by an 800mAh internal battery that can be charged through USB-C. It is the ideal vape for someone looking for a pure, basic cigarette-like vape.

Because there is no button, you can simply inhale into the gadget, and the mod will do the rest. In addition, the Novo 2s features a tiny LED indicator on the front that displays the battery status if you wish to view the energy capacity.

The LED hole is really small and subtle, yet it is powerful enough to see clearly if you use a camera lens or look down alongside your nose. Unfortunately, it does not inform you which color symbolizes which battery level.

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