The Debates on Disposable E-Cigs

Although they may appear fresh to the vaping market, the topic of disposable vapes has been bubbling a few times. Back then, only a few vape firms were producing these.

The biggest vape businesses have started producing disposable vaporizers in large numbers throughout this year. It is similar to the never-ending supply of pod kits, which shows no signs of slowing down.

Disposable vapes divide the vaping community, with some welcoming them and others literally shuddering at the concept. Most are worried about the effect of all that plastic, while others are frightened that they are gradually substituting conventional vape systems.

They were the initial step for many young vapers toward a cigarette-free lifestyle. While there are clearly less harmful and less expensive methods of vaping, disposable items have long been accessible.

Should manufacturers provide guidance and perhaps subsidize recycling programs? Should vape trade associations provide recyclable materials, including guidance, to all retail stores?

People desire disposables, and they have a significant market share. Disposables are also handy in emergency scenarios when a device’s battery runs out of power.

One thing is certain: we leave it up to you, the vaping grownups, to determine whether or not to purchase disposable e-cigs.

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