Must-Try RTA Devices for 2022

RTAs blend the ease of use of a tank with the flexibility of a custom deck. And, when it comes to the greatest RTAs on the market, we are fortunate to have a wide range to pick from.

This page will serve as a starting point for anybody interested in learning more about RTAs. Those who currently utilize RTAs but need some help picking on their next one might also benefit from this article.

The first recommendation is the OXVA Arbiter 2, an improved edition of an already excellent RTA. This time, OXVA has managed to improve on it.

The flavor is fantastic, and the single-coil option has been smacked out of the park. The airflow is perfect, and it gets to the coils extremely nicely.

Overall, a nice-looking RTA that delivers on flavor, clouds, and zero airflow leaks in our tests. The two coil variant is also no slouch.

If you want a fantastic design, The Zeus X from Geekvape is the way to go. It has a 25mm diameter and can support both dual and single coil setups.

From wicking to rebuilding, the newest deck design makes the work easier. The flavor is also excellent, and if you enjoy tossing clouds with it, you will not be disappointed here as well.

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