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Care and Use of 510, eGo and Variable Voltage Batteries

Care and Use of 510, eGo and Variable Voltage Batteries

Taking care of your batteries isn't that hard, follow some simple tips to keep the life of your battery as long as possible.

All batteries:

1. Keep it clean, make sure the center post connection on the battery is batteries5.jpgalways free of liquid (check often) and do not let liquid or anything else get into the button area. Check in between carto/clearo/tank changes and fillups and clean out any liquid qith a qtip or other absorbant material, do not flush it out with water or any other liquid.

2. Try not to leave a battery on the charger when it's finished charging.  As mentioned in my battery safety, do not leave batteries charging overnight.

3. Try not to screw devices (clearomizers, tanks) in too tight as this can cause shorts.

4. Do not leave clearos/tanks attached when you store the battery in a pocket or purse etc. in fact take it off when not in use, this way it will not get damaged due to handling and you can check the tip for liquid.

Variable Voltage Batteries: 

Variable Voltage batteries are designed to offer you varying stages of voltage dependent on what you are using. My recommendation is to always start at the lowest setting for what you have and then move up, never start high, always start low, this way you can get the right voltage you want for your device without worrying about burning out the coil or getting to harsh a vape.

Some Variable Voltage devices go up to 6volts or 15 watts!  This can easily burn out a cartomizer or clearomizer and this is not covered under any warranty, so be mindful of your voltage settings, start low and go high until you find your personal sweet spot.

Some VV's have dials, some change voltage with buttons, check your voltage before you put on your atomizing device, even one or two seconds of full power can damage an attached atomizer if the voltage is too high.