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Carto Return

Cartomizer, Atomizer, Coil replacement and Clearomizer Return Policy

You may have noticed that most vendors have a DOA return policy on Coil heads, Cartomizer, Atomizer and Clearomizers and you might think this is odd or unfair.

The reason for this policy is the unknown.  We do not know what battery, mod or other device you are putting these items on.  Unregulated PV's, bad batteries, shorts in connectors all can cause a Coil head, Cartomizer, Atomizer or Clearomizer to malfuntion, coil pop, burn out or otherwise not funtion properly.

In addition, you can be using an improper voltage or even a high ratio of VG in your liquids which causes some devices not to wick fast enough, burning out your coil faster than you'd like, Thick liquids do not wick as well as thinner liquids.  Lower ohms creates a warmer vape (including "burning" taste) Lower ohms on a high voltage device can kill a coil quickly.

Because we cannot be sure of what you are doing with your items, we cannot offer warranties on these items.

I myself have popped several coils on various devices when I started at 6 volts instead of 3.5 for example. Some people burn their clearomizers out by chain vaping, these coils are not meant to be fired continuously all day long with no break, doing so can significantly shorten the life of a coil inside a clearomizer etc.

If you receive a Cartomizer, Atomizer or Clearomizer and it is defective, you must notify us immediately for an exchange.  Not the next day, a week later, the same day.  This is the only way we can be sure this is an actual defect.  If you have purchased a high number of them and put them in a drawer or on a shelf for later usage you will have voided any DOA warranty on the item.

This does not include coil heads which are not warantied for any reason. We buy genuine items, not knockoffs of fakes. If you are having an issue with more than one coil, check your equipment or liquid.  It is exceedingly rare to get a "pack" of coils all bad.

This may seem unfair, and on the surface, it is, just a bit, I don't really expect someone buying 10 clearomizers to fill each one and test them the day they get them, but the alternative is not selling them to you at all. 

Also, as the industry has progress the failure rate on any coil head, Cartomizer, Atomizer or Clearomizer is extremely low, if it works out of the box, it's a working unit, if it stops 2 hours later, more often than not it is something in your setup causing the issue.  This isn't always the case and if you run into this on more than one occasion, please contact me and we can discuss what might be happening but they are not warrantied.

Again Please note: Replacement coils heads are not warrantied for any reason at all, not for leaking, or any other reason. We purchase only genuine coils fom the original manufacturers, we do not buy knockoffs.

I am not here to send you poorly functioning items so do not assume this policy means I will not help you or bend it slightly on occasion.  If you are a long time customer and have purchased the same thing over and over and run into an issue, contact me.  If you have purchased once and expect a replacement on an item listed above, then I am sorry, I cannot replace the item.