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August 8th 2016 FDA Rules change for all Vaping Retailers is now in effect.
We are required to age check BY LAW, this will happen after checkout and you will not notice any changes. We are now using Veratad. If you do not automatically age verify we will contact you via email before shipping your order, this may delay shipping. For more information, click here.

    Please note:
    In order to limit exposure to Covid-19 for our staff and family, we are temporarily adjusting our shipping schedule. The updated schedule can be found on our Shipping/Returns link above.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Send us any comments, suggestions or inquiries using the form at the bottom of this page (or click here). We will get back to you as soon as possible! But please first check the common problems and issues below.

Before you contact us:

We are a small 2 family run shop, and we have been extremely busy lately but David or I should be able to get back to you well before 12 hours (and most of the time during the day, just a few minutes)

Please check out these common issues and tips first for a faster resolution. (click link)

Coil Replacement performance issues

Order by Phone or order changes
Checkout/Billing Errors
Battery troubles/not working
Clearomizer/Atomizer/Coil head Issues
Clearomizer/Tank Cracked
Clearomizer/tank leaking or gurgling click here first
Return Inquiries
Shipping Inquiries
International shipping inquiries
General eCig Questions

anything else, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Order by Phone or order changes:  We cannot take orders via Phone and are unable to add or remove items from an existing order.  You can place a second order, and we can combine the two with advanced notice (if the items don't require upgraded shipping, we are able to refund the second shipping charge).  Please contact us about the orders you'd like combined.

We can only cancel your order if you get to us 1 hour before it ships and we ship fast.  If you need to cancel, please contact us right away, as we cannot refund an order if it has shipped. 

Please note: Once an order has been charged to your card, and you wish to cancel, we will have to do a refund.  Refunds are processed immediately by our merchant, but may take several days to clear by the cardholder's bank.  This delay has nothing to do with DV, and we are unable to speed the process.

Checkout Errors:
We are now required to match your billing address to what is on file for you at the credit card issuer, please make sure you are entering the right name, address and zip code or it will be rejected. Please check with your card issuer if your order is being denied. Sometimes it's as simple as a street number not matching. The reason we do this is for your protection. We take credit card security seriously.

Battery Not working:
Most eGo batteries come with a 5 click on and off feature and are shipping in the default state of "off", to turn on rapidly click the power button 5 time to turn it on. It can be tricky!  Keep trying. Charge your battery when you first get it also.

Click here on tips for fixing blinking or non working batteries before you contact us

Cartomizer/Clearomizer/Atomizer/Coil head Issues:
These devices are not warrantied due to the sheer amount of possible causes.  You can fry a coil with too high a voltage, a device seal can leak due to the wrong type of liquid or exessive heat/chain vaping.  
Read more about it here 

Cartomizer/clearomizer/tank leaking or gurgling
Please click here to read more about leaking items.

Clearomizer/Tank Cracked
Please click here to read more about cracking items.

If your inquiry is about shipping, when your package will arrive please enter your tracking number for details here I cannot give you any more details that the USPS can, when I call them about a shipping inquiry they read me off the same info from that page :(

If your package has been delayed and it's in the USPS system, we cannot help make it go any faster, if it is stuck CALL USPS as the recipient you will get a faster resolution than we will. It's rare that a package is delayed or missorted but it does happen Call: 800-275-8777 ask that a case be opened. 

Package marked delivered but you did not get it?
Sorry, we can not repace or refund shipped packages that USPS has marked "delivered".   Please call USPS and put in a claim for your package. 

International shipping inquiries:
read our policy on shipping here.

If you have a question about how to return something click here 

General eCig Questions:
I really try to answer as many questions as possible and I will help you if you ask, but if you have a general question about how something works, please visit my learning section here or the ECF forums first, in many cases, you'll get an answer there before I could reply. 
Anything else: 

You can use the form below

We will do my best to answer as quickly as possible 

Our returns location (all shipments/returns go to our ship manager here):

Discount Vapers
PO Box 1057
Gotha FL, 34734-1057

Please do NOT drop by either address for a visit, these are homes, not store locations and we will not be able to sell, exchange or return any items at either address, we do not carry any salable vaping items at these addresses.

Important: Due to how busy we have become lately, we cannot add to or change your order, all we can do is cancel an unshipped order.


IF FORM DOESN'T LOAD, YOU MAY ALSO EMAIL "support@discountvapers.freshdesk.com"

Order by Phone or order changes:  We cannot take orders via Phone and No order changes or adds can be made, we can only cancel your order if you get to us 1 hour before it ships and we ship fast, so if you need to cancel contact us right away, we can not refund orders if it has shipped. 

Please note: Once an order has been charged to your card, if you wish to cancel we will have to do a refund.  Refunds are handled differently by banks than charges and can take several days to clear and show back in your account, this delay has nothing to do with DV.