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Kanger Dual Coil Replacements - Low & Subohm

Potential Danger - Please read before purchasing anything in this section.

The coils are here at the request of certain customers.  Do not purchase if you do not understand the risks associated with subohm coils!

The items below are non standard "low" and "subohm" coils.  These can be dangerous to use in equipment not designed to handle the strong amperage draw of these coils.  You MUST use a device that can handle the amp draw and current.  These coils should not be used on any Ego, Ego Twist, or any device sold on this site.

There is NO warranty on these items and no liability for safety.  This is very important!  These will NOT work with any device not specifically made for "subohm" coils.  These coils will most likely fry a standard ego or ego twist battery and potentially ruin your mod if it cannot handle the current or pose a danger to YOURSELF and those around you. We do not currently carry any device that can handle this properly.  Do not order this item with any mods on this website this is for specialized and knowledgeable users only.


  • Kanger Dual Coil Atomizer Heads (enclosed wick) - 0.8ohms * READ WARNING
    $9.96 $7.96
  • Kanger Dual Coil Atomizer Heads (enclosed wick) - 1.0ohms * READ WARNING
    $9.96 $7.96