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August 8th 2016 FDA Rules change for all Vaping Retailers is now in effect.
We are required to age check BY LAW, this will happen after checkout and you will not notice any changes. We are now using Veratad. If you do not automatically age verify we will contact you via email before shipping your order, this may delay shipping. For more information, click here.

    We will stop shipping on April 19th. We may reopen sometime in the future, but not anytime soon. We've created coupon code ASIS30 for 30% off your entire cart total to help you stock up.
It has been an honor to serve your vape needs.

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Learning Center

Some helpful pages on various topics.

If you'd like us to cover something or you know something we don't, let us know via our contact form!

Before you begin, please note that information provided by this website should be considered informational only and only for products we sell on this website.  If you have a question or need information on any DIY projects such as eliquid, battery voltage, battery draw, coil building or anything else that is technical, please consult other sources or contact us.  We are not electronic experts.

Basics for Newbies 

New to eCigs? A Newbie Guide
A basic guide on ecigs and their usage 

Breaking it down
Useful information to have handy like drops and nicotine strengths


Battery Safety - what you need to know

Batteries: mAh and mA

What do battery numbers mean

Battery Life - How long will it last?

Care and Use of 510, eGo and Variable Voltage Batteries

Understanding Variable Votage and Variable Wattage


What Ohms should I choose?

Single coil vs Dual coil?

Coil heads: How do they work?
A guide on coils heads, how they work, why they leak and other issues

How long will my clearomizer or coil last?

Why does my clearomizer gurgle and leak?

eGo vs 510 threads:  What is the difference?
A look at the threading of an eGo and a 510 and how to see the difference 

Filling Bottom Coil Clearomizers
The difference between bottom and top coils and how to fill them.

Leaky and Cracked Tanks 
A list of known ingredients and flavors that can cause polycarbonate issues 


Ohms, Resistance and Voltage
(reference only section, please double check with other sources)

How to determine which resistance cartomizer is best with which battery

Understanding resistances: LR and HV 

Making your own Resistance wire coils

Other Topics

Why we do not take pre-orders  

MSRP's and Pricing issues
Talk about our pricing and how we work.

MSRP and why are prices are sometimes really low and sometimes really high!

How the eCig industry works
Just an overview on how the entire process works

(reference only section, please double check with other sources)

What is Propylene Glycol?

What is Vegetable Glycerin?