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Risks with Vaping

My advice? Don't vape. I'm serious.

Yes, I make my living selling vape gear but if you can quit without vaping.. do it. If you need support I'll even talk with you via email.  You have an urge to inhale something and need someone to give you encouragement to stay inhale free? I'm your man, hit me up on the contact page and let me know you want to go cold turkey!  But if you really want to vape then know the potential risks.

Speaking of risks.. it seems like everything we do these days have risks.

Guess what? Vaping is no exception. If you think vaping is safe you are wrong, it is not. The only thing safe is clean fresh air going into your lungs, vaping involves "safe" chemicals like PG and VG and nicotine (yes, nicotine is considered "safe") However, our bodies and especially our lungs are NOT naturally made to handle the amounts of these chemicals entering our airways. VG is a thick filmy substance when you let it settle onto a surface.smoking.jpg

Blow some exhaled vapor onto a cleaned smooth surface a few times, then take a clean oil free finger and wipe along where you exhaled the vapor.

See the result? Yep, that's in your lungs.

There is a new 2015 study that finds non nicotine vaping can damage lungs located here.  I am no scientist and I am also not an alarmist. This report was not a direct study on living, vaping humans but it does show an effect.

I tend to take "studies" with a grain of salt as they are often done with an agenda or backed by certain biased sources. However, what I am saying is that there is no way that vaping is "safe". There are reports coming out every week with something new and "bad" for vaping in general.

Do your due dilligence, read up on vaping, visit forums, look for studies, and more importantly.. ask your doctor, do not rely on me, this website or anyone else selling you stuff.

I am not simply trying to scare you, I want you to be informed and aware, you should never be under the impression that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking, it is not. The only thing healthy for your lungs and health is clean fresh air. Anything else is going to be at least somewhat unhealthy.

It may be safer when compared to cigarettes but it's also safer to fly in a plane than ride in a car and both can result in an unpleasant demise.  The point is, we do not know for sure, there are not enough full studies on it and this is why we vendors are not allowed to claim it is a safe alternative and I agree 100% it is NOT.

If you have made the decision to vape, know the facts as much as you can, you are letting chemicals not ordinarily found in your lungs to exist, by that very acknowledgement you understand that it is not "safe".

When you purchase something from DiscountVapers or any vendor you must do so with this in mind.
But I can promise you one thing, I will never knowingly sell you something I know specifically to be directly harmful.

These risks are not just about the eliquid either. All vendors buy from China, we all know the track record they have. We sell what they produce and sell it with the knowledge of ony what they tell us.

Do we know if the plastics they are using are safe?
Do we know the silica wicks do not contain fibers?
Do we know the machine oils have been cleaned off?
Do we know they are not purposefully putting in harmful materials?

No. We do not, not 100% anyway.

What I am telling you is this... Vaping is a risk, a risk you must go into with your eyes open. Smoking kills for sure, we know that, we do not know what vaping does. Please keep this in mind.

If you are unsure, do not vape.